Benefits of Hiring Professional Tree Service

tree trimmingIt doesn’t matter if we’re talking about 1 tree or 10 trees, there are many benefits when you hire a professional tree service company to do work for you. These services can be as simple as tree pruning, tree trimming and tree thinning to the more complex services like branch removal, stump grinding and land clearing.

A lot of people value and appreciate trees for many reasons. It can provide character and beauty in their home and landscape. It provides shade which is particularly helpful during the summer. Trees somehow also add value to the property by making it more attractive and appealing. Given some of these benefits a tree can give a property, it only makes sense to take care of your trees in the best way possible.

Hiring professionals won’t only assure you that your trees are well taken cared of but it also means the benefits you can get from your trees is maximized. Sometimes, people take their trees for granted without knowing that their trees can become better and more beautiful than it already is. This is because people can’t normally tell but professionals can.

These experts knows exactly how to take care of your trees. They not only ensure that your trees are at the healthiest state possible but also that they are at its most beautiful state possible. You may not realize it but even the way a tree is trimmed can affect a tree’s health and beauty.

On top of all this, getting professional tree service help also means safety and convenience for you. You need not worry about the danger of tree trimming or tree removal as the tree service company has got you covered. They will do all the work for you giving you extra time to do whatever it is you need to do.

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If you want to know more about benefits in hiring professionals, here’s a short video we found which can be helpful.

If you want to know more about maintaining your landscape. Click this.

Watering Times for Every Lawn

Watering your home’s lawn the correct amount is imperative to having a healthy and green lawn. A lot depends on the climate where you live to determine how much water your lawn and shrubs need. If you live in a southern climate where it is warm and humid then your lawn will need a lot of water in the summertime to stay healthy. And if you live in a cooler environment your lawn will not need as much water each week.

Lawn wateringIt is best to do research to determine how much water your lawn needs depending on these factors:

  • Type of grass that you have
  • Climate that you live in
  • Type of soil that you have
  • Average weekly rain for each season

Once you have the answer to these questions and know exactly what kind of lawn you have, then you can make a good judgment on the amount of water that your lawn needs. And it is very important make sure that you water your lawn the correct amount, as watering too much is every bit as bad as not watering enough. Lawns that are watered too much have just as many problems as lawns not watered enough. And another problem with watering too much is you set yourself up for having a really bad weed problem. Weeds thrive on excess hydration, so by watering too much you create a breeding ground for every type of weed. And the worst of these weeds is generally the dollar weed which is very durable and hard to get rid of.


Proper Tree Trimming Techniques

tree trimmingFinding the right shears for tree trimming is essential to making sure that your tree stays healthy and you do not harm your shrubs or trees. So many people think but you can take any Paris scissors or even knives can start cutting on tree lambs, and expect them to stay healthy and whole. This is simply not the case and it is very important to make sure that correct procedures are followed to keep your trees looking healthy and beautiful.

The most important thing in tree trimming just make sure that you have hey good pair of tree trimming shears that you can purchase at any hardware store. Another important factor is to make sure that the blades stay sharp which you can do with a knife sharpening tool. If you are trying to trim the limbs and branches with old and dated shears this will have a detrimental effect on your tree. We use a local company for all of these services, and they do a really excellent job maintaining our trees and shrubs.


Lawn and Landscape Watering Times

Knowing the correct amount of water to apply to your lawn is always an important question if you want to have a beautiful lawn. you will also need to adjust you’re watering times depending on the time of year. So in the summer your lawn will need more water in the winter, and if you do not adjust watering times then your lawn will bake out in the summertime.

It is probably a good idea to hire a long company to give you professional advice on how much water your lawn needs given the time of year. Many people do not take the effort to find out how much water their lawn needs and as a result their lawn never looks healthy and green. But also understand that overwatering can be as much of a problem that’s not watering enough in the summertime. If you water your lawn too much it will result in more weeds and an unhealthy foundation.


Dried Leaves to Fertilize Trees and Landscape

Dried LeavesDried leaves are very useful and there are many thoughtful uses of dead plants or tree leaves. Let’s put those leaves to good use: Dried leaves are a great source of organic matter that can be used for numerous purposes in a lawn, garden, and elsewhere. Shredded dried leaves can be likewise used as mulch around plants and trees. The leaves can also be added to a compost bin to enhance nitrogen rich materials, as well as break down into compost. In the right ratio, dried leaves can be added to the soil; this will be a gradual decomposing process but it will make the soil rich. There are many other uses of dried leaves such as for decorative arrangements, crafts, and DIY art (not all types of leaves can be used for decorations).

Dried leaves You Need to Avoid

Before using any dried leaves in a garden or lawn, it is crucial to know from which tree or plant the dried leaves fell. Some leaves contain certain harsh chemicals that can kill other plants with which they contact when decompose; for instance, leaves from black walnut tree are incorporated with harsh chemicals, and they can make an entire batch of mulch or compost unusable. Some other leaves are also harmful, but they are rare. One should always avoid using black walnut leaves. Our tree service company ( helps us to sort through the dried leaves we can use, and also the ones that we can’t.


Plant Cuttings for a Beautiful Landscape

PlantsPlant cuttings are actual “cuttings” of a parent plant that are cut and then placed in a rooting space, such as peat moss, until the roots start to develop, and can be replanted as another or new plant. Growing a plant from cuttings takes more time as compared to thinning a plant and replanting. It needs time, so that the roots can grow from the cuttings. Still, it is the most popular method because the parent plant remains intact while a new plant is formed. So this method is advantageous. Heirloom gardening is a well known practice where cuttings are used to grow new plants.

Semi Hardwood and Softwood Plant Cuttings

Nearly all kinds of plants can be grown from cuttings, but semi hardwood and softwood plant cuttings are more suitable. Typical softwood plants that can be easily grown from cuttings include spirea, lilac, clematis, butterfly bush, hydrangea, dogwood, and the Rose of Sharon.  The semi hardwoods that can be grown easily in this way include rhododendron, holly, boxwood, and azalea. Moreover, many houseplants can also be grown easily with this particular method.


Maintaining Your Landscape

landscapeIf you have garden beds that look unruly and even very sloppy, it is time to take action to get things back in order. There is no better time then right before the holidays to get your home and your landscape looking great for the holiday season. It never takes as much time as people think, it just takes a little effort and a little bit of your time to make things look great very quickly.

All of us want our homes to look great for the holiday season. There’s nothing worse than seeing beautiful Christmas lights on a home and then ugly trees and overgrown shrubs and gardens. The best way to keep things under control is to spend 30 minutes each weekend on your landscape. This includes trimming trees, trimming shrubs, pulling weeds, and making sure that your trees and plants are properly watered and properly pruned. If you just make the small effort on a weekly basis the results Will be amazing. we got really behind on our gardening and had to hire this company to get things cleaned up and on the right track, but they did a great job and things look much better now.


Dangerous Root Structures that Affect Your Home

treesInvading roots from large trees can be a very challenging problem for any homeowner. Roots that grow too deep and too large can affect driveways and sidewalks, and really threaten your home and its foundation. The most important thing to do in these situations is call a professional tree service company as quickly as possible.  They generally have experience in dealing with these situations, as well as proper remedies to fix any issues.

Most people have no idea how to deal with trees when they start impacting your home’s structure. Even though you cannot see any of this happening, it can still be a substantial problem that you have to deal with. That is why if you have a large tree in your yard it is important watch and maintain it properly so that it could never do damage your home.  This type of damage can be very problematic and greatly affect your home’s value if not dealt with properly.